Yay! I finished the cover for the first issue of Redstone Science Fiction. Redstone Science Fiction is a new online science fiction magazine which is starting in June. It's headed by some awesome people, so I had to get involved. The cover with the text will be available on their website. I've already read some of the submissions, and they look good. I'm excited! I've always thought scifi mags had great art, so I'm really happy to be able to work on one. ^_^

I really wanted to go that sweet flat style that was popular during the Space Age. I think I pulled it off. I can still tell that it's my art, but it's so flat and cool. I hope the readers will like it.

Man, lots to do, lots to do. I guess I better start getting to it. Yah! Powerthrough!

The three are the background, minus the blue.