Yeah, I posted a while back the pencils were done. They were. Problem is they sucked. The story didn't flow right, and some of the art wasn't up to snuff. I want this one to be perfect, so I kept racking my brain on how to make it work better in the inking stage. Finally, I decided to take Mr. Miyamoto's advice and "upend the tea table", which means to start over. I'm really pleased with how the new pencils turned out, and hey, I was able to reuse one of the old pages.

Part of the reason I finally decided to start over is I just got a full copy of Manga Studio EX 4. I've fallen in love with how easy it is to ink compared to Photoshop. Also, making panels is a dream. It makes them separate layers for you! Oh my god! That's why I've decided to do the next issue of SGVY in Manga Studio. That's why I made the above color guide so I could have the SGVY palette in Manga Studio (I can't find a way to import PS color swatches).

I may have to finish it up in Photoshop, but we'll see. This is the best way to learn! Throw yourself in! Powerthrough!

Oh no! What manner of beast is this? Defend the desk!

Waiting for a good time.