Gwaa... My brain be shot. I need the healing power of caffeine or something like that.... Oh! The comic above! Someone is translating SGVY into Russian! Alright! This forum has a link to a RAR file with the first chapter translated with Cyrillic characters. It's a pretty big file, about 10MB. I think they're still editing it because the files are PSD and the text layers are still intact.

To download the RAR file, click the link that says "valkyria1.rar" in the first post. You'll be taken to some kind of Rapidshare-like site. Then put the captcha numbers into the text field (don't worry if you don't get it right at first; they are really hard to see). If you get the numbers right, you should be downloading the RAR. Woo! Thanks, Russian translators!

Speaking of translators... So remember when I posted that first page of my Filthy Figments series? Well, I had to fucking do it over again thanks to those motherfuckers over at SmithMicro. Apparently, anything you do in the demo version of Manga Studio cannot be used in the full version. WTF. Are you that incompetent, SmithMicro programmers? Is that your idea of copy-protection, you stupid fucks?

(Actually, calling them "programmers" is giving them too much credit; they only translated the program. Manga Studio was written by a Japanese company, CELSYS.)

So after I calmed down a bit, I wrote SmithMicro asking if there was a way to get back all of my work, and every response I got back was that it was my fucking fault that I didn't read the "documentation" that tells you "LOL, STUPID USER, WE DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS". Thanks, you fuckers.

I nearly returned Manga Studio because of all this shit. I had already inked six pages, and then I learned that was a waste of time. Goddamn it; it never pays to buy software. Piracy is the only way not to get fucked.

So, I'm going to work like mad this week and get "Itari Party!" done. Don't worry. It'll be worth it. Work under pressure! Powerthrough!

Can you buy a brain?