Hooray! A new edda: Ladyflash! Please go read the new issue, Edda 12.1: Kicking into High Gear. I know it took a while, but I'm very pleased with this issue. I think throwing out some pages was a good idea. ^_^

Oh ho! What is this "eye" icon in the corner of some of the SGVY pages? Well, as you can see, some of the pages are censored now. However, if you are legally able to see adult content in your area, you can click the icon and confirm you're allowed to see titties. Awesome! It's a little something we whipped up last night. Now everyone can enjoy SGVY, censored or not!

For IE users: By default IE does not allow prompting, which we use to confirm your eligibility to view adult content. Depending on your security settings, IE may ask you if it is okay to display the prompt. You can also allow prompting permanently by selecting "Internet Options" under the "Tools" menu, going to the "Security", selecting "Custom level", and enabling "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows" option located" in the "Scripting" section. I hope this helps. Please email me if you need any further help.

Hey! Check it out! New wallpapers! The top one is 1600x1200, and the bottom one is 1440x900. Click the one you want for the bigger version. Enjoy!

Well, I'm off to work on some more Itari Party! Stay cool out there, OK?

Edit: At the suggestion of a friend across the pond, I went ahead and made iPhone, iPad, and PSP wallpapers. The iPhone one will also be compatible with the new iPhone 4 (yay!!). Just right-click and save them. Hope you like them!


iPhone (4 compatible):


I think the angle is wrong for Summer.