Well, Otakon is almost upon us! Next Friday, in fact! I'm still getting my table ready. Whee! Making merchandise! So what's in this picture? Well...

Presenting my first book, Itari Party! Summer Catalogue 2010! Hand laser printed by yours truly and my tech husband. It's 20 pages (plus a cover!) of awesome 80s Gaming Company Office Sex Porn as seen on Filthy Figments, now in pulped wood format! That's 12 pages of Itari Party!, two sexy color Itari Party! pinups, a table of contents, a title page (so you know what you're reading), an information page, a cover (wow!), a special message from Kittyhawk (I'll try to be coherent!), and a little something for you Freyr fans. ^_~

So you're probably asking yourself, "The hell did I put that hunk of cheddar?" Answer: Behind the couch. Now you're asking yourself, "How much money do I have to shove in Kittyhawk's face at Otakon in order to get this awesomely awesome porn book?" Answer:

Just $3.

That's right. Cheap. You cannot pass by my table (if you're 18+) and not buy one. And that's not all! Check this out:

It's the Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Super Awesome Button Set! Only $3! What a deal! Check out that packaging!

Oh, the Montrose Academy logo has changed! I decided it was time for an update. I really like the wrap-around text. Helvetica forever, baby.

Here they are loose. The Loki one makes me smile each time. ^_^

I decided to do a "style photo" with my wallet. I'm not fond of putting buttons on my wallet or purse, but damn, I really like how these look. I'm keeping them on there and declaring my status as a Transgendered Magical Girl Fanboy!

Otakon's going to be awesome! I should have something on SGVY before the con letting you know all the details about the Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party, the table, and all the merchandise prices. Before I go, I will leave you with this:

Hey, why'd I make a sculpt of Myu Myu-chan? You'll find out soon... ^_~