Yay! Otakon 2010 was awesome! Saw awesome costumes (like the one above!), sold some porn, talked with some cool people, and danced, danced, DANCED! Let's go!

On the way down to Baltimore, we followed this guy into Maryland. You, sir, Mr. Otaku, rule. I mean it.

Sasami! My god, that's a great costume. That staff looks like it took forever to make.

Creepy Lego Guy... I heard this guy had been staring like this for three hours. Trying to start a meme or just insane? You decide.

Little Utena! Big size!

Wow, just awesome. They came up, and I started squeeing about the pipe fox spirit. They let me pet it. *squee*

Kefka 2008! That's what the guy's button said. Wait, it's 2010... KEFKA 2012!


Everyone with a computer in the 90s knows who this dude is! ^_^

I was raging about something when this awesome gentleman came up and reminded me that smashing shit is the best way to get the rage out. You, sir, are the wind beneath my wings.

Dudley and Dan!

Man, the Stig is everywhere these days! I wonder what he was testing at Otakon. The Tokyopop bus or the Mach 5?

Best Sailor Star Fighter I've ever seen. Hands down. Really great Usagi too. ^_^

E. Honda and Ken! I love to play as E. Honda for the same reason I love to grab the fan in Smash Bros. Spamming!

NPH has many helpers in the world that dress like him. Truly, he is an awesome man. NPH is still an awesome man, but this is actually Ido from Battle Angel Alita. Whoops! It's still a really good costume (the hair is perfect!). Thanks to Holly K for the tip!

I thought this was a cool candid photo of Travis Touchdown.

Ayla! Ayla good! Ayla awesome! Awoooo!


White Mage! Best class! ^_^

There were a lot of Sailor Scouts! It was awesome. This Sailor Jupiter was really cute. ^_^

An interesting group!

The second best class!


This is Cassi, who was awesome enough to cosplay as Yuuki! She had earpieces, but the wings were too floppy. That's OK! It's awesome to see one's character walk up to the table. Thank you so much, Cassi! You totally made my Otakon! I hope to see you again soon! ^_^

Older Dexter! This guy was really cool. He grew the beard out and immediately started to think of cosplay options. He was born to be Dexter.

It's Xuanwu as Zetsubou-sensei! He had his hakama and shirt specially made for him. I met the girl who made it, and she was pretty cool. Looking good, Xuanwu! The kitty ears are a nice touch. ^_^

Xuanwu also set up the Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party and Make-a-Manga workshops at Otakon, which were both really fun. Thanks for inviting me! Please have me again next year! ^_^

YOKO! ^_^

This is the first Sailor Cosmos I've ever seen, and damn! What a costume! Nice!

Pit! Now in 3D! (Wait, he was in 3D for Smash Bros. ^_^;; )

Wow, that's some excellent Clover cosplay. Those wings are so awesome.

Kiki! ^_^

Now that's some Faye cosplay!

WHEEEE!! HAMMER!! Smashity smash! I love all the Harley Quinns. ^_^

This was a commission that I did at the con of some Filthy Figments girls. That's Id from Jennie's ID on the left and Cathy and Regina from Itari Party! on the right. It is NSFW.

It's Chrono! What's he taking pictures of? Well...

This! Some anonymous person pulled the fire alarm. This was awesome to watch. Oh, warning. I'm loud. ^_^;;

More pics of the crowd.

So many!

Monster Hunters!

Gran Mamare was nice enough to stop on her way to the Harbor to let me take a pic. ^_^ It was awesome to see all the cosplayers walking through Baltimore after the fire alarm. A lot of people were leaning out of their cars with their cell phones taking pictures of the cosplayers.

These two were so cute together. ^_^

This photo is too epic.

This happened on the way back to the con. CONS CLOSED DUE TO AIDS!! If you value your speakers, TURN DOWN THE SOUND. I was yelling a lot. ^_^;;

Oh! When we were let back into the con, I realized I hadn't taken a pic of the table. So here it is! Woo! Check out the banner of the Geeks Next Door, next door! Awesome neighbors. ^_^

Paper... Shredder... *groan*

Yay! Miku! \^o^/

This was the last cosplay I saw of the day, and damn, what a cosplay to end with. It's fucking Yatta!

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the photos. I had a lot of fun this year! Thank you to the Otakon Staff for a great con! Thank you to everyone that came by the table! It was awesome seeing everyone! Thank you for the gifts, art trades, and sketches! Let's do it again next year, OK?