Hey hey! How has everyone been? It's been much cooler here in the Ocean State. Oh my god, it's so nice. I have a feeling it's going to heat up though. Damn you, heat!!

Whoas! A Yuuki book! Jessi B of Geeks Next Door made this for me! She gave it to me at Otakon. Thank you! The Yuuki is made of Shrinky Dinks. Ah! It's too cute! I don't know if I can use it. I'll keep it on my desk and think of things to write in it. There we go. ^_^

Check out this awesome Freya pic by Tabby! I drew her character last year at Otakon (she colored it when she got home; it looks awesome!), and she drew Freya for me this year! Thank you so much! I think she captured the evil craziness that is Freya. *looks at Freya* I'm going to die!!

Whoas! It's Oktoberfest on my screen! And Shebi's there! Awesome! Thank you so much to Faremann and N8-11 for this pic of Shebi in a dirndl. You're making me want to come to Germany and drink some beer! (I guess that's your plan, lol. ^_^ )

What?! The penny changed! I kind of like it, but it was so jarring when I saw it. I expect to see my buddy Lincoln chilling in his house when I see a penny (it's very faint, but he's there). Oh well, I welcome the new Captain Lincoln penny!

Well, I'm going to try to work. I've been so sleepy and listless lately. I hope I'm not getting sick. Oh well... POWERTHROUGH!!

I need its power.