Whew! It's been a week. I haven't been hiding... I'm moving, again! Yay! I'm heading back South this week. Rhode Island has been fun. Thank you, Ocean State!

I just finished this character sheet of Freya for someone who wants to cosplay as the Goddess of Beauty and War! Please click for a larger version (and when I say large, I mean large). She happens to be the friend of the awesome Yuuki from Animecon, so they will be posing together. I'm looking forward to it guys! ^_^

Here is Freya's spear! Not only do these character sheets help cosplayers, they help me when I'm being stupid and can't remember the right runes. ^_^;; Maybe I should go ahead and do the rest of the characters... (That's a lot... O_O;; )

I met Darth Despario at Otakon this year, and I sketched a couple of his characters, Mark and Natalie, from his comic Eclipse Unleased. He was nice enough to send me scans of the sketches. Thank you, Darth! It was awesome to meet you! ^_^

Mark gets turned into a girl sometimes and becomes Mara, so Darth thought it would be funny to have a pic of the accidental boys-turned-girls together. I think it's cute. ^_^

Oh, here's the pic from the recent SGVY store. I decided to be fair and include a "bunnyPhone" and "Mecha One" (guess which is which ^_^ ). If you're asking what the things attached are, they're those magnets which were popular in Japan for hanging charms on smartphones. I'm not so sure about using one myself, but it works for this ad. This is what I want to get to attach a charm to an iPhone 4 when I get one. (I'm waiting to see if the Verizon or T-Mobile thing happens.)

I had some pics of the new Myu Myu-chan metal cell charms that I didn't include in the ad, but I thought were still good.

Oh ho, what's that next to Myu Myu-chan? We made a few Bunny-Mechs too. I might sell them at cons. I want to explain how stabby they are when I sell them. ^_^;; They're not great for keychains, but make pretty good ornaments.

Well, back to packing. Y'all have a good week! I'll post when I get to the new place.