Well, I'm back South again. Whew! Moving is over... For now... Dun dun dun...

Check it out! It's Hel, Queen of Hel, Daughter of Loki. She's not showing up for a while in SGVY, but she is showing up in CROSSOVERKILL very soon! I can't wait for it to start. ^_^

Hel's going to be a fun character to work with. Being a daughter of Loki, I expect her to be as badass as her father. And bitter. Being stuck in Niflheim for so long would irritate anyone. That's Baldr (it's misspelled in the chara sheet ^_^;; ) next to her. He's the "wussy god of light and bullshit" according to a certain god. Him and Hod should be fun to write for too.

Well, back to work. Whee!

Pastel rainbow effect.