Hey, hey, everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it? Hey, look at that, there's some pencils! Yay! I'll get to inking them.

Well, con season is over. I had a lot of fun this year! I went to a few cons I hadn't been to yet. The photos are up on Facebook if you'd like to check them out. I've decided it's easier to post con photos up on Facebook since I usually have a ton of them. I will continue to post art over here at Sketchbook along with interesting photos. Please go check out the photos from AWA, Tsubasacon, GMX, and Nekocon!

Alright, time for art! Here's a sketch I did for Pinky at AWA of Tuxedo Mask with his keyblade. I had a lot of fun with this one. Check out that tiny Sailor Moon!

So you've probably already seen this one on the SGVY Store, but if you haven't been to one of the cons I've been at recently (or seen the pics), you haven't seen this one:

Woo! Naked valkyries shilling DIY USB comic archives! Yuuki doesn't look so thrilled. ^_^;;

Speaking on cons, I have a new series over at Filthy Figments that arose from some con commissions: Quickies!. It's not so much a series but rather a bunch of fun hentai comics. LOL, "ClimaXXX: The Dick Maker!" Please go check them out! (There should be some new Itari Party! soon too!)

Further speaking of cons, I did some flyers for Tsubasacon for the Mystery Dinner this year. These were fun to work on. I love drawing mayhem. Here's some more:

I think this one is my favorite. Probably because I was able to put some of my favorite game controllers in there. ^_^

With apologies to Tom Siddell!

FURTHER speaking of cons, check out these commissions I did at Nekocon. Who will win this struggle between the two Gods of Awesome? Either way, we all win. (Actually, I think they'll eventually find out that they shouldn't be fighting each other and rather turn on the idiots around them.)

So cute! This is Seika19's Gaia avatar. I was so happy to work on something so cute. I apologize for the halos around the art. They're from photographs. ^_^;;

That's it! Whew! All caught up on posting art. I should have some more soon! Later!

Can I stop for a minute? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!