Hey hey! Things are starting to thaw here. I'm actually sad the snow is gone, but then again, it's nice to not be constantly in fear of slipping on one's ass. Hahaha...! (It really hurt... >_< )

So what's up with the pic above? Why, it's The Webcomic Beacon's mascot, Becky Beacon, sliding down a ribbon made of webcomics! (As my husband said, "That's some high concept there." Yup!) Please click for a larger version. I drew this for The Webcomic Beacon because I'm being interviewed by them along with my very talented colleagues of Filthy Figments. If you haven't checked out Filthy Figments yet, it's a site featuring high quality hentai drawn by female artists, so head on over. ^_~

The interview will be on Sunday, January 23rd @12:00pm EST. I hope you will listen!

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