Yay! My strawberries have sprouted. Spring has come to my kitchen! (And outside too!)

There's a new issue of SGVY! I know it took a while, but I'm glad I took the time. I rewrote this issue three times. The first draft made no sense. The second was too slow. And the third was juuuuuuust right, lol.

I did see a complaint that there's only one page of naked Shebi. I am with you, fellow Shebi fan. I feel cheated too. I will strongly encourage myself to have more naked Shebi in the next issue. Get to work, me!

I made this "Noir Loki" for the NashiCon ad for the SGVY front page. I learned a little more about coloring with this one. I already knew that a lot of layers is good, but I learned with this piece that A FUCK TON OF LAYERS is better. Speaking of NashiCon, I'm really excited to be a guest this year! This will be my first con in the southern of the Carolinas. Should be fun!

Well, y'all have fun out there. I'm off to celebrate my anniversary with my husband. ^_^

Everytime yes.