Whew! Two cons back to back! I ran the gauntlet. *flexes muscles*

Today I have some sketches I did at MomoCon and NashiCon. Above is one I did of the sketch commissioner's friend squishing Yuuki's breasts. While I had fun drawing it, Yuuki doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much. ^_^;;

This is a sketch of a half-dragon. Something about his eyes reminds me of the '90s.

Taciturn Jester and I drew each other's characters! Please go check out his sketch he did for me and his Deviantart page.

I loved doing this sketch commission. Samus is so much cooler than Master Chief. One, she's a bounty hunter. Two, she's sexy. Wait... Is Master Chief sexy under all the armor? Do you get to see that if you do a speed run through Halo? Damn, I wish Bungee had done that. (Sexy Master Chief Time~)

'Night, y'all!

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