Woohoo! Nintendo has released yet another 3D gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS. This means I only have one more to acquire. I don't think it's going to beat this one though. And look! My old DS Lite Foof fits (why u no make DS foof no more, foof?!), and my Hello Kitty cosplaying as Fem!Yoshimune from Ooku matches well!

I am loving the Nintendo 3DS even though I've yet to buy a game yet, lol. It does come with a few minigames: Face Raiders (which is amusing), StreetPass Mii Plaza (it's not really a game, though it does show off an RPG interface well and there are hats. Kitty ears, anyone?), and AR Games (this is the reason I'm not in a hurry to get a game; I love the archery). I'll probably get Pilotwings Resort soon. So why am I not jonesing for a game? Well...

Click for WiggleVision

The Camera. I think for $249.99, this is an awesome, consumer-grade 3D camera. The fact that it's a gaming machine and a future 3D movie viewer (it's limited to a demo video of OK Go right now) makes it an even better deal.

But back to the camera. If you click the images with "Click for Wigglevision" underneath them, you can see a "wigglevision" version of the photos. It should give you a sense of the 3D. Above is my floppy dog, Cacao. Dogs are fun 3D photo subjects. ^_^

Click for Wigglevision

Open spaces is where 3D photos shine. Check out that third plane!

Click for Wigglevision

I thought this one was especially good. The funny thing is my eyes are getting better at seeing 3D the more I use this thing. I have astigmatism, which means my eyes are at different strengths, the left being weaker than the right, so 3D doesn't really work for me. So when I first started using the 3DS, I saw ghosting, but as I used it more, it went away. And then when I started looking around the real world, there was 3D. I thought I was crazy, but Trevor mentioned that an optometrist in a news article had said that the 3DS might have this effect on people with astigmatism. NINTENDO HAS CURED ME!! LOL.

Click for Wigglevision

It's a-me, Kittyhawk! Now you can see me as I see myself in the mirror. I constantly have to remember my part is actually on my right, not my left. Uwaa... Confusing... @_@

If you have a 3DS, you can view the pictures on your 3DS! I figured out how to do it last night. First, download this file. It's a zip file with all the pictures in it. When it's downloaded, open it.

It's all the pictures in a folder ready to go on your SD card!

Next, you'll need to hook your 3DS's SD card up to your computer. There's a folder called DCIM. This is where the images are stored.

Copy the 839NIN01 folder (not the zip!) to the DCIM folder.

After you've copied over the folder and de-attached your SD card from your computer, put the SD card back in the 3DS and fire it up. Then, start up the Camera application and go to "View Photos".

If the program prompts you to rebuild the database (can't remember exact wording) and you push "OK", when it's done in a second, you'll have the photos! They'll look like they're from the year 2000 because I wanted them to have their own folder. I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

So now you're asking yourself, "How the hell did you make the wigglevision photos and set the clock back on the photos?" Well, as Steve Jobs says,


Macintosh Magic that is. Trevor whipped up something for me last night when I said I wanted a way to share my 3DS photos. If you have a Mac, you can use our two AppleScript droplets, WiggleVision 3DS and LttP 3DS. You will need MacPorts installed for them to work. Download WiggleVision 3DS and LttP 3DS with instructions here.

WiggleVision 3DS takes any .MPO file dropped into it, and turns it into a wigglevison .GIF. It will put the file into the same folder that contains the .MPO file (convenient!). You can also drag multiple .MPOs into WiggleVision 3DS, so it's fast and easy!

LttP 3DS changes the creation date on the .MPO and .JPG files back to the year 2000. This is useful if you want to create new "folders" in your photo gallery separate from the rest of the standard, daily organized folders. Copy the .MPO and .JPG pairs into the folder going on the SD card the order you want them displayed. Once you've got them all in the folder, select all the photos and drag them into LttP 3DS. It will prompt you to set the month and day, and once you've set it, mouse click the OK button. The files will be re-dated to the month and day you want in 2000. Sweet! ^_^

If you're thinking about making your own 3DS photo packs, here are some tips:

Be sure put both files on your 3DS! It won't recognize the .MPO files (the 3D photos) unless you have the accompanying .JPG file.

You must name the both the .JPG and .MPO file pairs HNI_****, * being a number (ex. HNI8001.JPG and HNI8001.MPO). The 3DS can't read them unless they're formatted like that. While I don't think there's a problem with files having the same number if they're in different folders on the SD card, I went started with 8000 with my files so that there won't be any problem with numbering.

When making a folder for your photo pack, you must use the ***NIN** format, * being a number (ex. 839NIN01), and it must be put in the DCIM folder. The 3DS does not recognize it otherwise. There should be a another folder inside DCIM called "100NIN03". It may be called something else on your 3DS. I haven't been able to play with another yet to confirm this. If it is different or the same, please email me to let me know! Regardless, you can put photos into this folder, but I don't recommend it since this is your 3DS's main photo folder.

And that's it! Now that we're looking at the .MPO files, we're thinking about some cool stuff. Maybe 3DS porn? Stay tuned, y'all. ^_~

And if that wasn't it, I got this shirt in the mail the same day I got my 3DS. It looks like Otsana! Otsana has a wolf hat, but this could be a lower level Otsana, like Lvl. 4 or something (Lvl. 1 is a hamster hat).

Well, that's it. I'm going to go ink for a bit (and probably play some more AR Games ^_^;; ). Later!

THAT'S how it works!