Hey hey! How are y'all today? It's a very beautiful day here at the Academy today. It's a bit windy though. I might fly away it's so windy. O_O;;

So what's up with the Duklyon boys playing butler? Well, it's a long story. Let's start at the beginning:

If you haven't heard yet, there's an SGVY fanart group on deviantArt, The Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki Fanclub! So awesome! If you go there, you can see the present I gave to the group. I'm really excited to see more art there. I hope you'll contribute! ^_^

So because I needed a dA account to submit the gift art, I decided to use my previously porn-viewing-only dA account, takeponsama. Then once I made the gift art, I realized I needed an avatar for the account. So, I made this:

Ah, Takepon! But this wasn't enough. Suddenly all these ideas for Takepon pics started flooding into my head. Damn you, you sexy, tsundere (at least in my mind) sentai hero! So, I decided to dedicate the takeponsama dA account to Takepon. Let the pics of Takepon flow! (And Kenpi!)

Don't worry, Yuuki Lovers! I'm not completely taken with Takepon Fever. I think the cafe pic satiated me for a while. Well, there's a little chibi pic that goes with it, but I can slam that out when I feel like it. I was having a hell of a time thinking about storyboarding the next Yuuki chapter, but now I've got some ideas. Sometimes it's good to work on something silly, I guess. ^_^

If you want a 1440x900 wallpaper of the Duklyon butler pic, here you go!

It seems a cloud has invaded my sunny-only area. Time to shoot some clouds. *click-click*

A love that lasts inexplicably.