Whoa, it's been a while. Uwaa... Too much going on... However, that's a good thing too! ^_^ Speaking of things going on, I made new business cards, so the "Luck/Nudie" business cards are being retired. Here's the whole set for your pleasure!

And here's the new ones! As you can see, the luck part of the card is better explained. That was a problem with the old cards, but the biggest problem was the undressing. As a set, it makes sense; as separate cards, I got a lot of confused looks (and some happy, confused one on the higher cards ^_^ ). So, I decided to go with various Montrose Academy characters. If you're wondering, yes, pulling a 10 will still win you something. So ask for a business card!

So after shuffling the deck, I decided to pull a random one to see what my luck was. I am a very lucky person since there's 1/100 chance of pulling the 10. O_O

Spring has come, and so has a new generation of geese! They're so cute when they're young, but they quickly become assholes. Damn you, you adorable poop-machines!

Spring brings new things, including this moth. What the hell kind of moth is this? It doesn't look real! There were a whole bunch of them outside. They didn't look like they were OK. I think the storms blew them in.

Well, I'm off. Back to it! Yah!

That's no sand; it's liquid.