Woo! My Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad is finally here! I put my Cintiq stylus next to it to show the scale. I've been waiting to play with it for so long. Perhaps my dream of the portable drawing tablet is here? Let's fire up the iPad! Go, go, "ladyinthesnow"!

I decided to go with SketchBook Pro for iPad since I liked the iPhone version, and I can't really see the advantage of any of the others (if I'm wrong, please email me; I'm very interested in finding a good app). The iPad version is similar to the iPhone version, but it uses more gestures and has a better interface. I don't think I'm using the iPhone version anymore, lol. And hey, it's been discounted from $9.99 to $4.99, so I'd say it's worth checking out for that price.

So here's my first attempt! Not bad. I have a tendency to put my palm on the drawing surface when sketching, so I kept putting stray marks on the page. So for the first minute, I was fighting myself. After getting over that, I did much better:

It's very rough, but it's Yuuki! I can see this being very useful for doing sketches.

Chiaki-chan! ^_^ And finally, here's a video of me sketching an eye:

It's a bit shaky since I was holding the iPhone in my left hand while drawing. This is the closest I'm getting to Ustream, lol.

Now, I paid $15 for the Bamboo Stylus (I had Amazon credit) and $5 for SketchPad Pro, which was a great deal. The stylus normally retails for $29.99 at Wacom's Store (where it's sold out) and Amazon, which is enough to make me hesitate. However, I think I would have bought it anyway, so I guess it's how much you want a paperless experience. It's a nice feeling knowing I don't have to haul all my art supplies around to sketch anymore. Just grab the tablet and go!

Now where's my awesome, portable inking solution? ^_^

Small changes.