Whew! I've been traveling a lot lately. I'm tired, but damn! I had a lot of fun! Animazement 2011 was awesome, and SeishunCon II was a total blast! I will definitely be back for SeishunCon III, and yes, we will be doing Filthy Figments and Consolemania panels again. ^_^ I've got some awesome plans for next year's Consolemania and for a new, fun overnight panel. I can't wait till next year!

First up: Animazement 2011!

Animazement 2011 was the first time I've ever done color commissions at a con. Whoas! Prior to this con, Braeburn, my first gen MacBook Pro, ran the slideshow for the table, so using it for commissions was right out. Thankfully, Ladyinthesnow, my iPad, came along and is up to the task of running the slideshow. Yay! So, I was able to do such commissions as the one above. I first drew this Valkyrie at Ichibancon 2011, so it was awesome to get to draw her again. Henshin!

I did this commission for the talented ladies of Demon Fart Cabbage. This is their sexy steampunk couple, Vivian and Lionel. I had a lot of fun with this one since I haven't done a lot of steampunk stuff (I'd love to do more!), and well, Vivian's ample busom was fun too. XD

Speaking of Demon Fart Cabbage, we did an art trade! This is Rosa the White Mage Bat. And look! They made me a staff for her too! *squee!* THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love DFC's bats so much. ^_^

My friend Angel was at Animazement too, and she had some awesome merch! So of course we did an art trade. Look at all this cool stuff: Sailor Moon stationery, some Portal 2 buttons, cute little Sailor Scout magnets, a cute apple magnet, and a /d/ button (awesome). Thank you so much, Angel! ^_^

I saw Darth Despario at Animazement again, and he shared with me the new pages of his comic. He's also using an iPad with Autodesk SketchBook Pro, and damn! He's so much better than me at it! Check out this pic of Trevor and me on the Comictocracy panel. Thank you so much, Darth! ^_^

This is very NSFW, so be forewarned, those who dare to surf at work.

Alright! Here's the first of the hentai sketch sets I promised to put up: the Filthy Figments Panel at Animazement 2011. This was an awesome panel because we had three Filthy Figments creators on the panel: Gina Biggs, Jamie Jennings, and me. This was the first time I've drawn hentai requests in front of a live audience, and man, was it crazy! I've drawn requests from a crowd before, but there's just something about drawing ridiculous porn that gets the crowd going. Hand check!

VERY, VERY NSFW. Look around for your boss.

We also held a contest during the panel for the Most Funny and the Most Artistic 4-panel porn comic, which the audience wrote and drew themselves. The winners got some sweet porn, a copy of Itari Party! Spring Catalogue 2011 or a copy of Bound (both available digitally at Filthy Figments!). The winner of Most Funny asked me to post his, so here it is.

On to SeishunCon II!

Here's a cyber girl commission I did. I love day glo! ^_^

NSFW! They can read the reflections on your eyes from the ceiling cameras!

OK, OK, on to the porn! Gina and I were back en force for the second Filthy Figments panel, this time in Atlanta. We held a contest, we chatted a while, and then I started sketching their requests. The audience was hungry, as the last sketch will show you, and what's up with Smurfs? Whatever! It's porn. Enjoy!

I'll have my con pics up soon on Facebook. Just keep checking the SGVY front page to see when they're up. Thank you to everyone who came by the table and to the panels! Special thank you to the staff of Animazement and SeishunCon! You guys rule! ^_^