A Dash of NSFW

I got into a discussion this weekend about making porn based on a series you might not particularly like itself but like the characters. I was inspired right away to do a pinup from MLP: Friendship Is Magic. I don't like the TV show (it is slooooooow...), but I do like the fandom a lot (lol, Derpy Hooves). So, above is a NSFW human Rainbow Dash. Enjoy!

Whoa, it's been a while since I've posted here. It's been a very hot and not so pleasant summer. -____- Oh well, Powerthrough! Punch the heat! (It feels like you actually can because of the humidity. o_o;; )

I just submitted some pages of Itari Party! to Filthy Figments. I'll let y'all know on the SGVY Facebook page when they're up. I've got to get to work on the next few pages. I'm going to have an issue of SGVY up by Thursday. I promise pure Chiaki glee. ^_^

Stay cool out there, OK?