Whee! Welcome to the new Sketchbook! I was getting tired of the old look and thought we might add a few new features while we were at it. If scroll to the end of this post, you'll see there are now comments:


Now you can comment on Sketchbook directly! This will take you to Facebook, so you will have to have an account to be able to comment. You can still read the comments if you choose not to join Facebook. ^_^

We explored a lot of blog options before we decided to write our own again. LOL. It may seem we always choose the most difficult option, but this was the right decision in this case.

I checked out Tumblr. But after the bugfest I had trying to connect it to Facebook and the fact that it kept going down, I decided to not go with Tumblr. It seems cool, and maybe one day it'll be good.

I thought about tying Google+ to Sketchbook, but considering there is no API at this time for my SGVY blog, I decided against it. That and they have been canceling services left and right (Buzz, Wave, Notebook, Blogger FTP, etc.), so I don't want to commit to it yet.

We ended up going with Facebook since we haven't had any big problems with them yet. I got to say, the Facebook blog on SGVY has worked out pretty well. Sure, there's an occasional style problem, but we can fix that easily. If you want to know how to make yourself a Facebook blog on your site, check out our tutorial!


I did some guest art for my friend Gina's comic, Red String, a while back. She just recently had a little girl, so when she asked for some "maternity leave", I was glad to help. Sexy rain time~ ^_^


Oh! I guess that post got eaten with the update. Oh well! Here's the spread from Edda 12.5 as a wallpaper. Enjoy!


On to con commissions! I did 40 sketches at Tsubasacon 2011. Uwaa~ Fortunately I got the flu right after the con, so while I was passed out, my hand could rest! Look on the bright side of life. :D Speaking of the bright side, here's Asuka.


Rin and Len!


Tsubasacon had a Brony meetup, hosted by the awesome Greggo, so I got a commission for Freya and Freyr as ponies. I feel four again. ^_^


I left the dark halo around this one because I thought it made it creepy cool. (I promise to draw the big boob Stocking, Stocking.)


Kaito and Len going off to have fun and such.


I had a lot of fun doing this commission. Thank you for commissioning me. ^_^


There was a lot of FF6 love at Tsubasacon! I love it!


This was my final sketch commission of the weekend, and damn, was it awesome to work on. See if you can identify all the characters!


On to RoundCon 2011.1! I did a lot of sketches, and gasp! Inks. Well, tiny inks. Here's She-Hulk.


And who's this handsome fellow? Hint: Marvel.


How about it? ^_^


Lina gets her wish. Oh joyous day!


Yoko! I love drawing Yoko. But do you know what I like to draw more?


Naked Yoko! <3




It's Kamen Rider Fourze and Space Core! SPAAAAAAAAACE!!


I love drawing magical girls~


My favorite commission subject! Enjoy Everything!


And the final commission of the weekend: Big Barda. She's so cool looking.


Well, that's it! Whew! Big post! The new Sketchbook is even easier to use, so I'm hoping to use it a lot more. Please try out the comments! I leave you with this commission of Scarlet Witch. Later!

Welcome to the Next.