Whee! Just a month to go till it's Ichibancon time, so I figured it was time to do some art for the con. I'm excited! I had so much fun last year. I hope I'm outside the gaming room again this year. The music helps me work! (Also, I like to taking a break. ^_^ )


Click for NSFW!

If you didn't see them, I did three pages for Crossoverkill last week! The crew was very nice and let me do the fanservice-y pages. I really appreciate it! ^_^ While I was working on the pages, I forgot while working on the second page that it was going to be censored, even though all my sketches have the placement of censor steam or censor speech balloons. Oh well! I got permission from the creators, so click above for the uncensored last panel of the second page! Enjoy!

Hard to say.