I hope you're having a Festive and Happy Holidays out there, everyone! Everyone around me is complaining that it doesn't feel like the holidays because of the unseasonably warm weather. I on the other hand don't know what they're talking about. This is Christmas weather, but then again, I did live in Florida for a long time. Of course you go to the beach on Christmas! Why wouldn't you?

So on to the SGVY Holiday Special 2011: Scroll Edition! This one was a long one. Literally. The raw version is 20ft long if I were to print it out. O_O;; So, to save your browser, we decided to make a nice window for it to load in. And look! It works on iOS devices:

I've also heard it works on some Android devices. Yay, intercompatibility!

Well, if I don't post before the New Year, y'all have a safe and wonderful Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Speaking of the New Year, I'll have something for you yaoi fans over at Filthy Figments this January. I'll post as soon as it's up! ^_~

Why replace it?