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Well, another Ichibancon down! And this one was even more awesome than last year's! I loved the hotel layout, and damn, I love walking Charlotte. The only irritation was the McDonald's was closed on Sunday. DAMN YOU, BANKERS!! Sunday is the day for McDonald's breakfast! Oh well. Click the pic above to check out my Ichibancon 2012 photos. ^_^

On to the Ichibancon 2012 sketches! I didn't get pics of all of the sketches, but I did manage to take a good bit. I think I did somewhere around 30 for the weekend. Whew! Let's get started:

Britain asked for this commission of "himself" as a pony. Of course it has to be a unicorn!

I did this sketch for the winner of the Sailor Moon Costume Contest. The winner was the most adorable little girl in a Sailor Moon costume. I have her pic in the Ichibancon 2012 photos on Facebook.

XD I did this for the owner of Comics, Cards, and Collectables in Canton, OH, for being a good sport and being pranked by the Brony Panel. Check out this pic of Twilight Sparkle prank calling him.

Rarity is always fun to draw because of all the flounces and ruffles.

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Octavia and Vinyl Scratch as girls, doing what the bronies demand (and me too!). ^_^

Cute little snow leopard boy~!

Aw... I'm starting to become a Flutterdash fan, though Lyra/Bon Bon is my fave still.

I love the OC ponies! That's Sky Song on the left. I love Vinyl's expression. ^_^

This is a Homestuck/Touhou/OC combo pic. I love Flandre's wings. I almost want to cosplay her.

My favorite commissioners showed up again! Last year it was Anime Poker and Pyramid Head and Konata, aka RAPIN' EVERYDAY, BITCHES!, and they did not disappoint this year. That's their friend on the left being worshiped by Pyramid Head (of course), Gamzee, and Flandre. XD

Old School Represent!

More from my favorite commissioners! The original had Gamzee in the chair, but my mischievous patron came back without the group and switched it up. Damn, Prof. Layton is a damn good hunter! I see a Konata, a Furret, a Gamzee, and a "Pony" (Roy Mustang, but there were so many pony requests, I went with a synonym for him XD ). This is the fuckup version. Layton's supposed to be holding a snifter of Faygo. Gah... I fixed it in the final version though.

More Gamzee! This time enjoying the finer things in life with the Boss.

I need to see Tiger & Bunny. There's a lot of lovely yaoi out there based on it. Chomp! ^_^

I think this one turned out to be the best one technically I did all weekend. It certainly took a long time! All that shading. Whew!

Once again, I love OC ponies! This is "Spectrum". I gave him that name because he's a TV engineer pony. How does he use the screw? That always bothers me about ponies. O_o;;

This is "Dutchie Pass". I love that name. ^_^ He's a storyteller pony. I'm so going to color this one.

Ponygirls! I didn't get a lot of request for ponygirls (something about them being creepy or something; whatever...), but I did get one! Yay!

More Sky Song! The request was for her to look longingly at Rainbow Dash, but I wanted to make it a "happy longing", like there's a chance. <3

I got a few couple requests over the weekend! I love doing these because they make people so happy. ^_^

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All I got to say is "FUCK THE RAINBOW!" And is that Derpy watching? BEST COMMISSION OF THE WEEKEND.

This little girl was one of my neighbors in the Artists Alley, and she and I became "Twilight Sparkle Friends" because we both got her for Christmas. Yay! Friendship is Magic! ^_^

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Final commission of Ichibancon 2012! And what a one to end on! Cute and hot! ^_^

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This is a doozy! Finally, here's the quick hentai sketches from the Filthy Figments panel at Tsubasacon 2011. Whew! Not as many as say the Animazement 2011 or SeishunCon II sets, but still, it was frenzied, sexy fun! Enjoy!

Well, that's it for right now. My next con is KiraKira Con 2012 at UNC Charlotte. I need to get Itari Party Spring Catalogue 2012 and Useless King Sampler done. I think I have enough time. *looks at pile of work under desk* Well, maybe... ^_^;;