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I figured since you might LEARN something from these Manga Studio tutorials, I'd call this series "LEARN with the Montrose Academy" as well! (lol) Today's topic is an irritating one: How to stop repeating tones. Let's get started!

We've all been there: you paste a tone, and it repeats forever. And on top of that, it's not even the right size! What to do?! WHAT TO DO?!

Don't panic! Let's get started. So here we have the King just standing around. Let's give him a bit of scenery. (Don't know who the King is? Check out Useless King at Filthy Figments, the best all-women hentai circle on the 'net!)

First, select the area to place the tone, then open the Materials box. You can either open it with the button in the menu up top or use F6. If you want, you can use the Beginner's Assistant (F10), which has a Tone tab in the center. It looks about the same. When you find the tone you want, double-click the tone to place. I'm choosing these calming trees. King deserves it.

So why didn't the tone paste? And why can't you do anything with it? I'm not really sure why myself, but whatever. It's one of those Manga Studio quirks. If you really want to see the tone, you can click Preview in the Properties box. I would skip this step, and you'll see why.

OK, so you can now see the tone, but you still can't do anything. Now you see why I said skip the Preview step. Just shake your head like me and click OK.

Go ahead and place the tone into the panel folder. Not only does it make it easier to keep up with tones, but it keeps that pesky bleed away.

Next, click the Triangle and Bars next to the tone's name. Then select Tone Settings.

The Properties box will now have a lot of tone settings, and gasp! You can change things about the tone! Alright! You can change the density of the tone (Lines), shape of dot, and more. Let's focus on getting our tone to fit the space. Click the triangle next to Scale. This will bring up a slider. Now you can change the size of the tone. Let's make it bigger so it'll fit the space.

Yay! It now fits! But oh no! There's a little white down at the bottom. Don't worry. We can fix that.

Select the Move Tone Pattern tool at the top of the Properties box. Now you can drag and move the tone around till it looks perfect.

Click OK when you're done.

Now that's a fine looking scene!

And that's how you keep tones from repeating in Manga Studio! I hope that this tutorial was informative. If you have any questions about this or any other comic related topic, don't hesitate to email me. I'll be happy to help out! ^_^

God, I hope this posts...