Well, I had a lot of fun in Charlotte last weekend. KiraKiraCon 2012 was a blast! The staff was awesome, and thank you to everyone who came to the table and panels! Please click the image above to check out my photos over on Facebook. I did a few sketches over the weekend too. Check some of them out!

A little warm up for the con. I wonder who this pony might be impersonating? Hmmm...

There was so much Madoka awesomeness at the con. I need to draw more of her.

Poor Soul. Lord Death won out over you for this commission. XD

This is one of my KiraKiraCon Artist Alley neighbors' character. I think I nailed the "sleepy-eyed, badass girl".

Homestuck Ponies! First up, we have Dave and John...

And then all the girl trolls! Originally the commissioner wanted ALL the trolls, but I don't think I had enough paper for that. ^_^;; Maybe someone will commission the rest at a future con! ^_^

I have to agree, this is a badass Marvel vs Capcom 3 team: Iron Man, Vergil, and Phoenix Wright.

Sora's hair is hard... ^_^;;

Aw... I had a lot of fun with this commission. This is Peanut Butter Truffle (the stallion) and Genie (the mare) sharing an adorable moment. Cute pony couples~

And finally, the most out there commission of the weekend: Todd, Jack, and Harness from Gold Rush as women. Yep. I decided to make Harness look a little hot because he deserves it for all the shit Todd gives him. (Yeah, I watch the show. I like failure.)

Well, that's it! Gotta get ready for Momocon next week. It's going to be awesome! I've already got my Name Your Own Price Sketches sign ready. Now you can't help but see that I do sketches! See you there!

Sacrifice green to dispel jet. It is the only way.