Whew! Momocon 2012 was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came by the table and to the panels. A big, big, BIG thank you to the staff for all their help and for letting me be a guest. I can't wait till next year! If you haven't yet, please check out my photos from the con! ^_^

I did quite a number of sketches this time. I was delirious by the end of the con. @_@ And it's no surprise why: Momocon 2012 holds the record for most sketches I've done during a con. The previous holder was Tsubasacon 2011. I didn't get a pic of all of my sketches, which I regret, but I was sooooooo busy. The quality of some of these is not great, which I apologize for, but I was in Hell (the basement of the Marriott). I think the iPhone 4 did a good job in the low light.

Two of the commissions I can't show because they're going to be Quickies! pages for Filthy Figments. I'll let y'all know when they're posted. I hope you subscribe to Filthy Figments so you can check out all my series, including Useless King, when they're released! ^_^

Anyway, on with the sketches:

This is Shadowbird, a female-type Decepticon Transformer. The creator says she's got 40 concepts all written up! She was detailed in her description, but she allowed me some creative room. I think we worked well together! I'm sorry I couldn't get the boots in! ^_^;;

Rainbow Dash!
I had this Troll Pony sketch up on my "Name Your Own Price Sketches!" board as part of my "con portfolio", and it inspired another one. I like the Last Supper feel of this one. Might do one with all of them. I'll have to figure out their positions. Hmmm...

Homura and Kyubey's faces swapped. Yup. Creepytown.

And out of nowhere, the Once-ler from The Lorax! I had some fun with this one.

Invincible and Atom Eve.

Kimono! Here's the pic I took as a reference.

LOL, the commission was "Derpy Hooves with a Yuuki doll". I decided that Derpy would of course make Yuuki say something about muffins. Muffins are important for Valkyrie kickassery. It's a fact.

Cute! I tried to keep her feminine, but true to the commissioner's character's true self of being a tomboy. I can't help but think of Roll...

It's Terezi from Homestuck! I think she looks badass with her stick like that.

Catgirl with a mousegirl in her mouth. Wackiness ensues!

It's Atlanta's new kickass superheroine! I'm not sure what her name is, but I'm very sure "bomb" is somewhere in there. ^_^ Here's my reference pic.

Yay! Happy staffer family! Here's a pic of them I took as a reference.
Tanks are awesome!

LOL, when they're in grayscale, you can't tell which is which very well. ^_^;; (Poor recolor pony...)

The commissioner and I both agree that this beating around the bush (lol) regarding Sherlock and John Watson needs to end. I DEMAND HOT DETECTIVE ACTION NOW! I don't care if it's this Sherlock, the other one, or that one that's about to end and could have the best ending ever, FOX.

Agnes from Despicable Me. I never saw all of the movie, I admit. ^_^;;

It's the Once-ler once-more!


I did this one before the con as a portfolio sketch, and I ended up selling it. I thought the idea of them normally having hands as "ponygirls" and her being still amazed was hilarious. Hell, anything involving Lyra is hilarious.

It's a cute couple! Check out the reference pic!

I didn't have time before the convention to upload this, but I did the art for the Momocon 2012 staff badge! Here's a pic of a hardworking staffer with the print of the "sexy" version as depicted below:

I had to censor the final version because Momocon is an all-ages show. LOL, I forgot that completely when I did the piece. Oh well! I was able to turn that bikini into a mini. But the prints I sold at the con were the sexy version. Yow! ^_^

That's it for Momocon 2012! See y'all next year!

Sounds of the ocean in the jungle.