Yep, it's no secret: I like My Little Pony. It makes sense since I love fanworks, and I was a fan when I was a little girl. To show my chops, here's my first pony, a 1982 Original Bluebelle, in terrible condition. :D Oh well, at least the pen marks I put on her have faded. XD

Anyway, if you saw last night's post, you might have noticed the pony background. A nice nighttime scene, right? So why's today's a daytime scene?

Well, I have my Mac to change the background throughout the day! Not only is it cool looking, but it's functional in that it keeps me from looking for new wallpapers. I'm never bored! Finally, I can work in peace and know my background will be refreshed for my viewing pleasure. Ah~

You might think this is nothing since you can set the background to change every so hours in OS X, but what if you want to change it at certain times of the day? Here comes some magic from Trevor! It's just a simple script that runs in the background and not hard at all to set up. Here's the instructions:

To Install (OSX only):
1) Download and unzip this zip file
2) Copy/move the resulting time folder to you Pictures folder
3) Go to Settings
4) Go to Accounts
5) Select your Account and then Login Items
6) Add a Login item (via the plus), the run.command inside your Pictures/time/resources/scripts/shell/ folder
7) Open your Terminal App
8) Go to the Terminal Preferences and the Settings tab
9) There is a pull-down menu for "When the shell exits" or some such, select "Close if the shell exited cleanly"
10) Log Out
11) Log In and Enjoy!

To Uninstall:
1) Remove the run.command Login item
2) Log Out and then Log In

That's it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. We'll get you set up.

Oh! Even thought the zip file has the backgrounds, I'd hate to not credit the artist. Please check out Stinkehund's Deviantart page. He's a talented man!

A Ponyville Dawn by =Stinkehund on deviantART
A Ponyville Noon by =Stinkehund on deviantART
A Ponyville Dusk by =Stinkehund on deviantART
A Ponyville Night by =Stinkehund on deviantART

And now, I'm off to fight the pollen. Yah!

The passage of time.