Why lookie there! I've made a new book, just in time for Nashicon this weekend. And this one's a yaoi! If you're 18 or older, I hope you pick up a copy of Useless King: Saga 1 at the table. It's fourteen pages, mostly color, with a sizzling, color centerfold only found in this book and a Very Special Message from Kittyhawk. Supplies are limited! Act today!

And for something more All Ages, I'll also be doing Name Your Own Price Sketches, so ask for one while you're there! Anything you want, within law and reason, and that's a lot of wiggle room. ^_^

If you can't make it to Nashicon, Useless King, along with Itari Party! and Quickies!, are available at Filthy Figments. Why not subscribe today to get the latest in hot porn action drawn by some talented ladies? The next chapter of Useless King will be up April 16, so don't miss it!

Whew, artcards are pressing, books are bound, and prints are printed. I think we're on track for a good con! See you there! ^_^

Does it hold true? Or is it the eyes?