Whee! Another awesome NashiCon down. Thank you so much to the staff for a smooth sailing con. Thank you as well to everyone who came by the table and parleyed, perused, and purchased, and thank you to those attended my panels! ^_^ Please check out my photos over at Facebook. There were some really good costumes. I'm sad that I wasn't able to get pics of them all. After all... I was doing NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES! XD

But before that, a comic! I did a panel at NashiCon named "Let's Make a Comic!" Basically it was a run through of making a comic page from storyboard to finished comic, but like a cooking show, the comic was actually left "done" at different stages to make the panel flow better. Doing a comic at the con is a challenge I am definitely not really to do yet. ^_^;; So when I was thinking of what to do, and I wanted it to be NashiCon related, there was only one idea I could think of: Sean McGuiness of Twisted Kaiju Theater brings the real Godzilla to the con (because he is real; my grandfather saw him at Bikini). And that's how the comic above was born!

I actually did the comic directly as pencils, totally skipping the storyboard stage. I could see it so clearly in my mind, I just sketched it immediately. So the storyboard above is a retroactive addition. I remembered I needed one for the panel right before the con. ^_^;;

And here's the pencils! This is a little more detailed than I am when it comes to sketching a comic. It might have to do with...

SKETCHES! So let's get to some of the NashiCon 2012 set. I tried to get all of them, and I tried hard to get a decent shot with some. I think I fixed them OK. I was lucky to be able to scan a few of them. Yes! First up we have one I did before the con as a request which I was able to use on the ye olde con sketch sign: "Yuuki on a pony as Godiva." And of course the pony had to be Derpy and the cause muffins. XD

Another one for the sketch sign! I ended up selling this one. Had quite a few people take pics of it too! I love the game. ^_^

Apple Bloom and Applejack!

Karkat and Sollux. There's a lot of sexy pics of them together on the net. ^_~

Yay! Another troll pony sketch!

NSFW! Sexy time with Applejack and Big Macintosh! Wait, aren't the brother and... um... Wincest!

(BTW, his name is misspelled, unless they meant the Macintosh, which in all honesty the could have seeing as they're artists. I always giggle at that. And look how well-built he is... Sigh... /end_macfan_moment)


It's Renamon!

Gah, I wish this one had turned out better. It's a human GLaDOS! She hates herself! :D

This is Shelby's OC. He's pretty cute. ^_^

I think the title says it all. XD

More artcards! I love doing these even if my unpracticed inking hand shakes the whole time. ^_^;;

NSFW! Oh Mario~ I don't need you anymore! ♥

Yui from Angel Beats!

The commission I've waited all my damned life for: SEXY TAKEPON. My life is complete and has all meaning. 8D


The first time I saw Rainbow Dash, I couldn't help thinking about a team up of her and Sonic. And of course, it's 1st Gen Sonic, because he's sassier.

A Mega Man for the excellent Mr. Thor Thorvaldson. He did an awesome sketch of Pitt for me. ^_^

The idea was "Freya being sexy and surprised by Loki", so the first thing I thought of was "Loki Shark". XD

This awesome gentleman competed in the Highland Games up the street and then came to the con! Awesome weekend! He wanted me to "Thorify" him. I think it turned out OK.

Yuri and Judith from Tales of Vesperia.

NSFW! Oh ho! Some old-school shounen ai going on here between Soldier Blue and Jomy from Toward the Terra...! Nice!

So Mr. Amend of Foxtrot did this awesome April Fools' comic, and being a Game of Thrones fan and a Brony, I loved it and decided to put the comic on the table to share. This sketch is a result of me saying I wish this comic was real. Haha, suck on it, Rarity! You had your chance. XD

The idea behind this one is "NashiCon in one pic". Damn! It took me awhile to figure this one out, but I think I pulled it off: Ponies, Trolls, and Godzilla. XD

If you're wondering who the pony is, I finally made an OC: Rose Hammer, the Marxist Earth Pony! Damn those unicorns and pegasi ruling over the hard working farmponies and workponies! WORKPONIES OF THE WORLD UNITE! Down with Celestia and her bourgeoisie! XD

Well, that's it! Hope y'all had a good weekend. Happy Zombunny Day!

It's towards the west no matter how you dice it.