Yay! There's a new issue of SGVY if you haven't checked it out yet. Also, the final five pages of Saga 2 of Useless King are going up today on Filthy Figments, so it's a Montrose Academy fun-filled week! I hope you enjoy them. ^_^

Above are some avatars I just finished. On the left is Man in the Black Hat, who does awesome game playthroughs. On the right is the SGVY 1500 Likes Raffle Winner, Matthew Muscatello. I think I'll do another raffle at 2000, so if you haven't, join the SGVY Facebook page today! And if you have, get more people to like the page. Because it's a raffle, everyone who likes the page has a chance to win! ^_^

Alright, back to work.

Signs Point to Yes.