Woo! Another successful con down! Alabama Phoenix Festival was awesome. I had so much fun talking with everyone, doing sketches, and dancing like an idiot. Thank you so much to the staff for such a smooth sailing con. I would not have guessed that this year was the first! Thank you as well to everyone who came by the table and the panels. It was awesome meeting you! Above are some of the photos I took. I wish I had taken more. However, I was doing... SKETCHES!

I actually didn't get photos of all of the sketches I did. Halfway through, I realized I wasn't taking them. Dammit! Oh well, I managed to take a good bit of them. Hey, muffins!

Here's a remix of the Game of Ponies sketch I did for NashiCon 2012, now with 100% more Drogo! I wish I had titled this "My Little Winter Is Coming".

This is an OC with the Mane 6. "Mane 6" gets Trevor everytime. That and "clop fics". XD


I'm dying from the cute... I kept humming Smile Smile Smile all weekend because of this pic.

NSFW! Oh ho ho! Sexy Tiger & Bunny time.

The commissioner of this sketch asked for Meryl and Vash cuddling, and so I drew this scene. She wasn't too happy with Vash's limp hair until I explained I was thinking of this scene. It's very pretty. ^_^

(Next time I'll make his hair spiky, OK?)

SO MANY MEMES. Yes, that is Molestia/Trollestia behind the couch.

Ichigo from Bleach.

A little birthday present for a brony! Berry Punch gives his OC a spiced rum cake.

More Berry Punch, now 20% More Drunk!

It's John Egbert as a pony!

Well this is just cracktastic, but hey, whatever! Gaston and Rainbow Dash, everyone!

Eevee and Flareon~

Pinkie Pie the pony girl. I should do a series of these.

A dead Aradia pony!

I was commissioned for a "surprise" pony sketch, so I drew Surprise. XD

...However, it needed something else. I promptly added socks.

The little girl who commissioned this wanted a zombie and was asked by her mom what kind of zombie she wanted to be. She insisted on being a zombie cheerleader. There you go!

And this is the girl above's brother who wanted to be a "normal zombie". ^_^

Inspired by the Yuuki as Lady Godiva Riding Derpy sketch, I present to you "Yuuki Riding Vinyl Scratch and the Stream of Wubs".

I talked with a woman who works for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about the importance of Derpy Hooves being in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She really is the pony who represents mental illness and disabilities, and it's awesome that in the original "The Last Roundup" she is seen being accepted by the other ponies. It really sucks that Hasbro caved into some idiots who overreacted over Derpy, despite many other depictions of retardation that were presented in a negative light like Crackle. Oh well, they are a corporation after all.

And finally, Red Arrow. I'm sorry; I can't this character serious after that cover. The kid who wanted this has no idea either, and I let it stay that way. XD The arrow is a bit phallic now that I'm looking at it. Whoops!

Well, that's all for now! I guess I better go work on some yaoi. Y'all stay cool out there.

"Discard this player card to free your other player cards." Sigh...