Whew! It's been a busy time packing up to head to the Land Down Under. Who knew? Certainly not those cookies. Oh well, powerthrough! I've been so busy, I've forgotten to post stuff. ^_^;; So here we go! Above is my awesome hairdresser Victoria. I gave her this sketch as a farewell present. If you're ever in Columbia, SC, head on over to OH! Salon and ask for Victoria. She will get you styling!

I also was able to see the family before heading on to the Southern Hemisphere. We went ahead and celebrated my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary(!), the blue sapphire anniversary. I thought I'd incorporate that and some Carolina Wrens, one of their favorite birds, in there. Wow, I hope Trevor and I can be married that long. Might need a robot body though. Get on that, roboticists.

Well, I'm back to stuffing things in boxes, which isn't as fun as it sounds (giggity). Y'all stay cool out there, America.

I still care because I am not a monster like the rest.