10 years ago, I finalized Yuuki's character design, and the comic started on 17 July 2002. I always thought I had finalized his design on this day, but it turns out that I didn't. ^_^;; It was actually on 30 June 2002 as you can see in the pic above on the right. I now remember why I chose the 11th: It's the birthday of John Henson, former host of Talk Soup. I love that guy, so it's fitting that I gave Yuuki his birthday. ^_^

So who's that on the left? That's Yuuki's original design, Ringo. He was a "magical boy". I was still working on the Jar, so I never wrote his story. It was similar to SGVY, except there was no Norse gods or transgendering. So I guess not very similar. ^_^;;

If you're wondering what those are drawn on, they're Babbage's receipt paper. It was "free" while I worked there. XD

Well, I got to go do Australian things. Maybe I'll go to Mana Bar for my birthday tomorrow. Woo!

My god, I love this place.