Woo! Desk! I finally got it! I still need my tablet, but hey, progress! Hopefully I'll be able to get the tablet soon. Just gotta be patient... (I can't! AAAAAAHHHH!!) I'll continue the rest of the IKEA adventure later this week with another installment of 1r7. I hope you're enjoying them!

There seems to be a lot of good buzz about Model. So much so, I'm considering doing something special. ^_~ I'll have to clear up my dance card a bit though (tablet should help with that). In the meantime, I should do something to tide y'all over... Hmmm...

Well, I'm off. Y'all take care! I have Internets now, so I'm going to watch all those PMVs I've been meaning to watch. Oh, and Chrono Trigger up my phone too. Ahhhhh... I love you, Internet. Never leave me again!

She watches, but yet, I'm not sure if he does.