Welp, I still don't have my tablet, but I do have my pencil...! *pencil breaks*


Fortunately, I have a backup. No one's stopping me from sketching! XD Oh look, there's a Yuuki! (And yeah, that's Loki and me in the corner. Pervs...)


And what's this? Why it's "Chrono Trotter"! Yeah, yeah, I know that "Trigger" is a horse, but then it wouldn't be as funny. Frog, who can barely be seen in the background, didn't change much since he was changed into a frog anyway. That's why he's not visible. Sorry, dude. Become a pony, and we'll talk. XD

I should finish this one up. Yeah... Then it'd go with my Chrono Trigger themed iPhone (I changed all the sounds to cues from the game).

However, I do need a tablet for that. Sigh... I hope it get it before all this dust collecting on me suffocates me. *cough*

I'm really not sure how this works.