Edit 2012.09.15: The Tablet Fundraiser is over! Thank you so much to everyone who donated! The final total was $1300. Holy crap! I promise to make the finished comic great. In the meantime, please check out the pencils!

Hey kids! I just moved to the southern Hemisphere, and while things are aus-some here, I needs a tablet! I can't ink and color the sexy without one. I need about $750 more to get the tablet I want, so rather than go diving in the brisbane river for coins, I figured I'd do a comic for y'all!

The comic is Flashback Special 01: It's Only you. it's the story of how Yuuki and Chiaki met each other. I promise much cuteness. I've already got all the pencils done with the text already inserted as you can (sort of) see below:

Not a very good preview, huh? Well, if you want to read it, you've got to donate! When I receive $750 in donations, I'll release the pencil comic on SGVY.com

A great deal, right? but wait, there's more!

Donate any amount over $5, and you'll receive a high Quality digital copy of the finished, colored comic which I'll work on as soon as I receive my tablet. There will be no other way to see the finished comic!

And there's one more thing:

For every multiple of $5 you donate, you will get a chance at winning one of the pencil pages! so if you donate $5, you get one chance. For $20, four chances! for $500, you get 100 chances! And since there's 10 pages, there are a lot of chances to win.

So what are you waiting for? Donate today and get yourself a cute Yuuki and Chiaki comic and chance to win one of the pencils!

Just use the button below to donate. Thank you very much for donating to the cause! Good luck with the raffle!