Whew! I've been working on the Cintiq, all the live long day~♪ Well, it's getting warm here in Brisbane. Not too warm though. I love that this climate isn't fucking humid like South Carolina. Ah... Sea breezes. Though, I might have to get a fan or A/C soon because the 24HD does heat up like a motherfucker. Then again, my old 12WX did too. It is a big monitor with a tablet inside after all. ^_^;;

Oh! So what's this pic above? Why it's the new banner for Resobaso's Reso Walkthroughs website, where you can check out the larger version. He wanted an RPG themed banner, so I gave it to him. I even threw in a repeating background, which you can see on the site. That is totally not Crono, by the way. He's got blue hair and all! Yeah... ^_^;;

And here's the Youtube version! Check out the bigger version on the Youtube page. I used Dan Leech's Simple Iconset for the Steam, Facebook, and Twitter icons. I just gave them rounded edges and a stroke border for the banner. I made the Website icon using Photoshop's vector gallery, and the Bunny-Mech icon, well, I made that one. ^_^

Thanks again, Resobaso, for commissioning me and for linking back to me on Youtube! You rock!

I'm working away on the finished color version of the SGVY Flashback Special 01: It's Only You. Just need to color it! I'll be sending it out to all you generous donators when I'm done with it. Not much longer! Thank you again!

I can summon it in my dreams, but yet it is not real. How much longer shall I have to wait?