Whew! Supanova Brisbane is just around the corner. I'm getting ready by making a sketch sign, getting prints together, and of course, making business cards! I decided to make a Tarot-like design. I even did one of those "WHAT TAROT CARD ARE YOU?" quizzes to figure out which one I should do. I'm not sure if the The Empress really represents me, but it was very beautiful and Yuuki looks really good in that pose. Well, that and the other card that kept coming up was Death, and I don't think that'd make a great first impression. XD

The back took forever, but I think it turned out OK and card-like. I didn't plan on the flowers looking like fleur-de-lis, but I guess it's fitting seeing I lived in former French territory along the Gulf Coast in the US. Well, I guess they could be orchids too.

Oh! As I'm retiring them, I might as well show them off. Here's the full set of my old business cards, Luck Cards 2011. Which one did you get? 0 and 10 were the hardest to get, and while 0 didn't win you a prize like 10, I liked that one the most and I consider you very lucky to have gotten that one. ^_^ Oh, and the characters are from top left to bottom right: Takepon, Myu Myu-chan, the Beatniks, Blue Angel Jessie and Joe, Yuuki, Thor, Chiaki, Regina, the Three Guys, Loki, and Bunny-Mech.

Welp, back to work!

Making everything better.