Yay! First con in Australia is over! I had a lot of fun at Supanova Brisbane 2012. Met some cool people, saw some awesome costumes, ate some delicious fair food, bought some merch (yay, Danbo pillow!), and most importantly for this sketchblog: drew some SKETCHES! I did 30 sketches for the whole weekend, but unfortunately I didn't get pics of them all. Dang. I also apologize for the quality. I used my iPhone to take the pics in the darkened chicken shed the Artist Alley was held in (it was kind of cool since I had been there a couple months earlier looking at chickens XD ). I wasn't able to take my witch scanner because while it needs no power, the laptop does. Old laptop is old and has a short battery. ^_^;; Oh well! Let's get to it!

I'd already posted this one to the SGVY Facebook page, but here it is again if you missed it: Princesses of the Moon Unite! ^_^ This one was an example sketch for the infamous NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES sign.

OC Free Fall doing wing pushups! I don't understand how wing pushups work, but who am I to question pony anatomy? I mean, the writers and animators don't. XD

Loki holding an apple. Maybe it has something to do with Snow White and the Huntsman? I guess that's good Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, bait. You go get him, Loki!

I was asked to draw a human Pinkie Pie doing something epic. I think this fit the bill.

I wasn't sure where to put the wings on this sketch of Centaur Rainbow Dash, but fortunately the commissioner knew where to put them. ^_^

Well, I never thought of this pairing, Coulson/Hawkeye, but I guess it works? Hell, I shouldn't be judging. I like some really crack pairings, like Luna/Derpy. XD

Keeping up with crackness, here's Professor Layton Q. XD

Now here's a pairing that makes sense! Loki could totally have had Hawkeye while he had him under his spell. Though I don't think it was completely due to the spell. XD "I have horns!"

The Captains Jack!
Edward from FMA, but you already knew that. ^_^

I met some readers at Supanova! It was awesome to meet some Aussie fans. I got this commission for Yuuki in a yukata with his hammer. I had a lot of fun with the yukata itself with the lightning and the obi with all the mascots. I think I missed out on putting Gullinbursti on there. ^_^;;

And because of the Yuuki in yukata sketch, I got this commission from another reader: Yuuki doing something. I don't know I thought of baking, but sure, OK. XD

Mysterious Red Riding Hood was the idea behind this one. I had a lot of fun with the wolf. Don't worry! He's not dead! Just sleeping! (Nah, he's dead.)

I always love drawing Gamzee. It means FAYGO!

And another troll! This time, Karkat!

Oh my! Hot stuff going on between Thor and Loki. ^_~

I think I did OK with this dog. He was a cutie in the reference pics I was given. ^_^
LOL, it doesn't come up much, but it's always amusing: drawing myself in a commission. Look! Zecora and I have cat ears and brohoofing! XD

Hee hee, corset inspector. Excellent.

I was asked to draw someone's fanart of a Minecraft character. I can't think of Minecraft these days without thinking of Good Game SP and all the kids who write in from "Minecraftia, (insert state here, usually Victoria)". XD

I had this sketch of TV's Mr. Neil's Dasien up on the NAME YOUR OWN PRICE SKETCHES sign as an example, and someone wanted to buy it. I wasn't going to do that because I had done that one for Neil, so I recreated it. Spreading the Dasien love!

A Female!Doctor showed up and wanted a pic of her and Captain America together. I added the American flag in the background because it needed something. Yes, I wasn't too attentive to how many stars and stripes (and horseshoes, clovers, hearts...) were on the flag. It's all going to change soon anyway. ^_^

These kids asked me if it was OK to scan and share their sketch. Of course! I don't put such restrictions on commissions. When you get one, copy, post, and do what you wish with it! Get me more commissions by spreading my work! "Piracy" has been very, very good to me. ^_^

Rarity was very popular at Supanova. I don't blame them! Her mane is fun to draw. Sweetie Belle on the other hand, not so much... Which way do the swirls go? Argh! -_-;;

I really wanted to draw Sweetie Belle baking, so I did. ^_^ I guess I have baking on the brain? I need to get that mixer...

Rarity, looking awesome.

And the final sketch of the weekend, Alana, one of the Brisbane Lolitas. OMG, I loved her pancake dress, and HER HAIR. I went crazy over her drawing her hair. Sooooooo curly and pretty! ^_^

So that's it! Thank you to everyone who came by the table and thank you especially to everyone who commissioned me! Supanova, y'all put on a good show. I'll be back! ^_^

A good start.