Well, the first Sketchfiend was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who came by Montrosechat, and thank you very much to the commissioners! I'm sorry that not everyone who showed up could get a sketch, but I'm planning on having another one soon. I'll post to Facebook and Twitter when I announce it. ^_^

The sketch above is the first one of the night, "Yuuki Trying on a Bra and Complaining His Boobs May Have Grown". LOL, good one, Ben. XD

The next one up is an idea from NASHI_Mike, "Sonic Stig with Adoring Amy Rose". Aw... Poor Sonic in the background. Sonic Stig is an awesome idea. This should totally be used in a Top Gear and Sega crossover. Perhaps a hidden character in a racing game? ^_^

This is Ash's OC and her sister Kitsuna's OC in "Here's How to Make Men Yours". I did make Ash a bit too voluptuous, but I explained that kitsune can change form and shape. Why not have more goods for luring the men in? I really love the Kitsuna taking notes. ^_^

This is Kitsuna's OC as a Princess Luna inspired magical girl. Princess Luna is best princess pony.
The final commission of the night was Deeptear's piece "Valkyries Make Mead From Their Breasts". This has been a joke on the chat for a while since Ben brought it up. Deep just felt it had to be done. I agree. XD I think Yuuki's face is sufficiently weirded out. XD

And since I posted progress pics during the event to the chat, Trevor made this nice video of all of them for me. Thank you! I promise we'll have better pics next time. This was our first time after all (be gentle!). XD

Well, that's it! I hope you'll come out for the next Sketchfiend. Thanks again to everyone who came out this time. Please come by next time!

That makes things easier.