Yay, another Sketchfiend down! Thank you to everyone who came by, and thank you to the people who won commission spots! I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next one. ^_^ Above is the video of the sketches in progress. I hope you enjoy!

And here's the still version! Above is Iseriad's commission: some of the people from Montrosechat. Since kullax has been wanting a sketch of a car from me, I made him a car. Inside the car from left to right: TVsMrNeil, BenComicGraphics, Iseriad, Sakraida82, Optia, and ThomRevor-910CMX. And I'm on top. I love this one, and hey, the Kullax X5 ain't bad either. XD

Next up is ESRDM's idea: Taki and Yuuki as a cute domestic couple in the future. Awwwww... It makes me smile. ^_^

Here's Optia's succubus form fighting the eternal archnemeses of Optia, Fat Man and Little Boy. I think I made her bad ass enough.

ThomRevor-910CMX requested something for his co-writer Darin: Yuuki as a Toronese from their series Crossworlds. I was requested to not skimp on the "naughty bits". XD Oh, poor Yuuki. Yet another transformation for you.

And finally, here's BenComicGraphic's commission of the Teacher. I'm looking forward to drawing more of her. ^_~

This is just a warm-up sketch I did. The King and I are enjoying some coffee. He needs his energy after all, especially after the latest chapter. XD

I am a member of said culture.