Woo! Another Sketchfiend down. Check out the video showing the progress above! Thank you to everyone who came out, and thank you so much to all the winning commissioners! I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait till next month!

So let's get to the sketches! This is Sakraida's sketch of Rule 63 Trevor and me. I imagine I'd be taller if I was a guy since I'm from a race of giants, maybe about 180cm (about 5'11" for Americans). Trevor has a big rack, because one, I think he'd have one, and two, why would I not give him a big rack? XD

Next up is meatbag's sketch of The Nightmare Before Christmas Yuuki. I could've made her look more ghoulish, but I can't help but make Yuuki cute! So I gave him black lipstick. ^_^

Oh my, is this very NSFW. So The Professor asked for this sketch of a certain grizzly mom and her impersonator. Yes, that is pussy juice leaking out of them, and the original mom has a huge clit. Scandalous and titillating!

Keeping with the NSFW theme, next up is Thom's idea: Yuuki and Chiaki in flagrante delicto. Oh, and of course Chiaki's on top. XD

What if SGVY was a different kind of series, a harem instead of a magical girl series? Well, that's the subject of ESDRM's first sketch. I think if I had more paper I would have added the ladies too. Gotta have yuri in your harem! Also, I'm digging Yuuki's new hairstyle.

ESDRM was a lucky duck and won the extra sketch of the night! If I've got time, I'll do more than five sketches, so always stick around! This is ESDRM's valkyrie form being handed off the torch from Yuuki. Yuuki's retired, and now ESDRM gets to fight for the honor of the Aesir. Oh, and she gets Taki too. Yay! ^_^

Finally we have my warmup sketch of the night. Thanks to recent developments over at Filthy Figments, I've gotten a recent bug to do more Useless King. Thanks for your encouragement! I plan on making the series even more sexy and intense! ^_^

Well, that's it! I can't wait for the next one. Keep checking Facebook and Twitter for updates! Remember, next time it's Comic Night, so start getting one page comic ideas ready! I'll have the details soon.

Surrounded by landmines, but I've got FLOAT