It's not a big holiday for me since "Trevor and Kittyhawk Awesome Union Go! Day" is around the corner, but hey, I'll take any chance to draw something sexy. ^_^ Enjoy a naked King and Yuuki!

I realized King isn't that used to being naked in adverts (though he's been for the last two chapters of Useless King), so I thought of this scene with Yuuki giving him encouragement. After all, am I going to hold back on the sexy? I am the originator of Sexy Fun. ^_~

Am I off to get cheap Valentine's Day candy tomorrow? Fuck no! Apparently the retailers here in Australia don't give a shit about Valentine's Day for the most part, and I'm with them on this. After all, Easter is the better candy holiday. I'm already seeing Cadbury Creme Eggs everywhere, and they're not the high fructose corn syrup lies they sell in the USA. Fill the bag!

Around the time when he sold us up the river.