It seems lately I find myself drawing a blank on what to draw for fun. I guess I've been working on "serious" things for too long. I think I need to force myself to draw fun things, even though that sounds insane. Eh, I'm kind of insane, so I guess it's fine. XD

I do feel better drawing this though. I guess I do work on fun things like Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki and Useless King. I just need a reminder sometimes. ^_^

Well, I got a lot of inking to do today. Damn migraines slowed me down this weekend. I woke up thinking it was Sunday because I lost most of Saturday. I'm going to be so happy when this crazy weather is over and the pressure can stabilize. Hurry up, Brisbane Winter! I crave your boring weather! That was nice last year.

OMG, it's been eight months since I moved to Australia. It's crazy to think I was in the USA this time last year. I now think this is totally normal. Though, I can't fight the feeling that I'm going to move again. When you've moved 24 times in your life, the specter of moves haunts you constantly. I know I'm not going to, but it's still there. Maybe I should hang some pictures on the wall so I feel less like that. I still haven't done that! Damn time passing by so quick! XD

OK, inking time. Got some dicks to define. Later!

To ease one's mind...