Congratulations to Gina Biggs of Red String for ten years on the Internet! Gina asked me to make a pic celebrating her milestone to put in her new Red String Omnibuses. For this piece, I had to use the Internet Archive to see what Red String looked like in 2002 so I could place the site on the monitor (I forgot how huge those things were! Yay, tablets!). I also took a look at SGVY back then while I was at it. Wow, webcomics have come a long way! I remember doing everything by hand back then. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore! Thank you, Trevor! ♥

The black and white version will be in the actual books (not sure which volume yet), and the color version will be in the Omnibus PDF. Keep checking Red String for more details. ^_^

Oh! I never posted this here. This is a filler comic I did for Red String a while back. I don't know why I chose aliens, but I figure that Miharu and Makoto, as laid back and easy going as they are, would take it in stride. XD

Quickies! is out tomorrow! I'll post about that then. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^ Also, Sketchfiend this weekend! Be there!

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