Yay! Another successful Sketchfiend! Check out the video above to watch the sketches in progress. If you ever want to chat and have a good time watching me sketch, come by Montrosechat for Sketchfiend. You don't have to get in the running for a sketch! Hell, come on by anyway to hang out. We show off art, talk about shit, and have a good time. ^_^

OK, onto the finished sketches!

First up we've got a NSFW request from rorschach89. Oh Loki, why must you be so mean to Yuuki? (Answer: Because it's hilarious. XD )

It was the night for NSFW! Not that I mind! XD So here's Ami playing Makoto's "baby" and suckling. Makoto's bust sure has grown from breastfeeding...

All hail the Soy Sauce Royal Family! I feel sorry for the prince though being dressed up as a soy sauce bottle. Though, he should be happy to represent his people. Cheer up, little prince!

Alright! Hot Parker and Dasien action! I think I made their breasts bigger than normal. Oh well! I didn't hear any complaints. XD

You can do it, Allie! Turn him into a Brony. XD I like that everyone thought Derpy was a boob at first. That works. XD

And finally, the bonus sketch of the night: Ronwea's OC, the Cooking Goddess. I love her! She's so cute! I had her spinning sugar because spinning sugar is magic, I tells ya! (Well, not really, but it's fucking hard.)

And finally here's my warm-up sketch. I wish it could've shown up on the video. Oh well! Here it is here! ^_^;; Yay, Fionna and Cake! With Flambo!

Well, that's it. See y'all at the next Sketchfiend. I'll announce it on SGVY when I've got a date!

Where did that come from?