Another Sketchfiend down! Check out the video above for the in-progress scans. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Montrosechat, and a big thank you to the commissioners! I really enjoyed working with you to make some wonderful sketches. Let's get to them shall we? ^_^

First is BabyTrance's sketch of her characters Ryuusuke and Taiga. I was instructed to bring the tsundere. I think I did. XD

Next up is Nezumi's sketch of his role playing character who's a hard working generalissimo. A little too hard working if you go by this sketch. I had fun drawing the chibi with the cartoon fist.

BenComicGraphics is always thinking of ways to torture Yuuki! This is sort of a follow up to a previous sketch idea. Poor Yuuki! I hope there's a way to reverse this, or you're going to have an even harder time becoming a man again! ^_^;;

These are characters from Raptor3k's comic Reign: Knight of Time, Michi, Rachel, Tiu (in the bucket), and Duke (leering in the bushes). How'd he know I like drawing hot springs scenes? XD

Here's another one of Kitsuna_DragonGirl's Kitsuna, this time as a dragon magical girl. I think this was the favorite of the night. ^_^

And this one is the final sketch of the night, dredlily's. This is going with the idea that Sailor Mercury has regressed mentally and Sailor Jupiter is caring for her and giving her Legos.

And here's the warmup! I didn't particularly like Star Trek: Into Rainbows because it was really boring (action was badly paced) and made no goddamn sense (he put them into torpedoes?). I decided I'd memorialize my favorite scene from the movie: When Judge Bones tries his best at a Southern accent and grumbles out, "Tribble's dead!" XD

Oh, speaking of Star Trek! New saga of Useless King: The Measure of a Man (yes, I went there). What sexy insanity could Primero be up to this time? Please head over to Filthy Figments to find out! I promise much sexy, gay systems porn. Don't have a subscription to Filthy Figments yet? You have no excuse! Try before you buy! I guarantee you'll fap at the sensual sketches served up by our lewd-minded ladies. Do it today!

There we go.