OMG, SO BUSY. OK, got that out of the way. XD I've been working on so many comics, logos, and other fun arty stuff. Woo! So there's a new issue of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki: Edda 13.2: Big Plans. Looks like Freya's back! And she's back! XD

Also, Useless King Saga 5: The Measure of a Man is complete over at Filthy Figments. We got our own fireworks for the 4th over there if you want to peruse. Celebrate freedom from the King's oppression with oppression of the King! XD Try before you buy! I guarantee you'll fap! Check it out today! ^_~

Next, here's my entry to the Comikaze 24, Australia's 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge, Last Days on the Battleship. I'm going to finish this one up for ZICS, so that means it's time to do some bookmaking! Yay! In the meantime, you can download the CBR or the ZIP file. I hope you like suffering! ^_^

Up next, here's my entry to the Ace Comics & Games Comic Competition, Perfect. Please check it out as well as all the other awesome entries. We should know the results in November. I'm excited! ^_^

And finally, we have a sketch I did for Thom Revor of 910CMX Webcomics. I can't believe I didn't think of this one myself! I must atone for my sins by drawing 1000 boobs. I guess I'm getting to work now. XD Thanks, Thom!

Whew! So that's some of the stuff I've been working on recently. Some of it's not approved for viewing yet or I'm still working on it. I'll show y'all when I can. A Kittyhawk's work is never done. Powerthrough! ^_^

Oh! And one more thing! Sketchfiend: Quick Comic Edition this weekend. Get a quick, one-page sketch comic from me! Check out the details here!

Oh, that's where time went...