Woo! Good... um... Afternoon, Montrose! I've been stuck in bed today sick, so I decided to put together an Animal Crossing: New Leaf post! If you recall from earlier Sketchbook posts, I fucking love Animal Crossing. It is my zen in life. Now, I don't want to spam this blog with ACNL posts, so I put my July ACNL Picture of the Day Challenge pictures on Facebook. I've made the photo album public, so please enjoy! I might put some of the funnier ones here, like I did above. ^_^

So! I've got the QR machine, so I decided to share some designs I've made. I admit I haven't made all that many yet. I'm still building the town. ^_^;; Here's a Yuuki painting for you!

And here's a King painting! Spit at it everytime you go by!

And finally here's the Makoto painting (don't worry if you don't recognize him XD ). I'll probably T-shirtify these down the road. Maybe I should do a Chiaki one too? And definitely a Loki shirt!

This is my town tune, Country Roads, which my friend Zac was so nice to compose for me. ^_^ I fucking love that song because it's the theme to my favorite movie of all time. Please use it if you like!

Welp, I should have the Sketchfiend post up soon. Please keep checking Facebook and Twitter for updates!

It is slow, and I hope there is payoff.