Yay! Another successful Sketchfiend: Quick Comic Edition down. Thank you to everyone who came by Montrosechat for the event, and thank you very much to the winning commissioners. Once again, I had a lot of fun, and dang! We got some good comics out of it, didn't we? If you've seen the video above already, why not check out the finished ones below? ^_^

First up is ESRDM's comic. I always love working on ESRDM's comics. They're so sweet and fun. I'm not sure why they're looking for Moses, but I thought that'd be funny. XD

Next, we have BabyTrance's comic with her character Taiga. I've drawn Taiga few times before during Sketchfiend, but action? That's new! And though I'm sure that wasn't how Taiga was planning to stop Loki, it sure worked! XD

Wow! Our only NSFW commission of the night. Then again, since these are comics, I could only do a few. ^_^;; This is a continuation from the last Sketchfiend where Loki entered Yuuki's body with a magical camera. It's a mirror of this comic. ^_^

The bonus sketch went to Nezumi, who totally called getting the bonus sketch. Spooky! It's Tifa and Cait Sith! ^_^

Finally for the night, here's my warm up comic. Yeah, this was inspired by Man of Steel, and genocide aside, that movie was jampacked with ads. We don't even have Sears and IHOP in Australia! If you're in America, be sure to make it an IHOP day and get killed by space aliens! XD

OK! That's it! I'm off to get some coffee. In real life. Not in Animal Crossing. I swear...

OK, I lied... *click*